Defensive Firearm Training and Certificaton
Enhanced Security Professionals provides the core skills and fundamentals pertaining to defensive handgun, carbine platforms, shotgun tactics and [stress under fire] training to responsibly armed citizens. Courses are designed to properly teach students how to identify and survive an actual deadly force encounter and different "force on force" scenarios. Students will address [stress under fire] and their fear during an encounter while making the right decisions during these complex and chaotic situations. Whether you are purchasing your first firearm for your home defense or personal protection or you are a seasoned security industry professional, we have the right class to suit your training needs.  Prerequisites for all course training may include identity verification and skill certifications or course completion certificates from a recognized vendor.  
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Protective Handgun Fundamentals
This course is designed to teach the new shooter with no formal instruction, the core skills required to safely employ their handgun in a life threatening situation and to learn sound shooting fundamentals.  Stance, grip, trigger/breath control, sight alignment/sight picture, drawing their weapon and dry fire exercises.  Each student will be equipped with the knowledge of how to safely handle, clean and store their weapon.  This course will also teach the important basics on identifying a possible threat and making important decisions concerning the Use of Force principle.
250rds, belt holster, 3 magazines w/holders, eye-ear protection (electronic optional), weather specific range attire.
PHF    $250
Defensive Pistol and Tactics
Defensive Pistol and Tactics provides the beginner to intermediate shooter with the invaluable skills to effectively deploy a handgun in an unexpected high threat lethal encounter.  Skill competency concerning movement, concealment, drawing from concealment, speed reloading under stress and multiple aggressors are essential.  The course will address "training vs reality" in the home and on the street.  Core principles such as how to identify when to defend and when to shoot are covered.  Understanding how to make this quick decision, which usually goes from bad to worse, is the crucial mindset training needed for each student.  Weapon malfunction drills, accuracy under stress and dry fire training are also part of the course.
500rds, belt holster, 3 extra mags w/holders, eye/ear protection (electronic optional), weather specific range attire.
DPT    2 Days    $450
Carbine Series | AR15 / M4 Platforms | Introduction
Our introduction course will cover how to safely operate the AR15 / M4 platforms, weapons familiarization, how to maintain this weapon system and core shooting fundamentals. Understanding proper sight alignment/sight picture, proper breathe control/trigger control and reloading techniques. Students will practice shooting from standard positions such as: standing, sitting, kneeling and prone. Topics included are carry with a sling, iron sights & optics training, zeroing the weapon, immediate action clearing, dry fire training and maintenance-cleaning. This type of course is essential before taking on any additional carbine courses concerning advanced defensive training. 400rds, 4 magazines w/pouches, eye/ear protection (electronic optional), weather specific range attire.
AR15-M4    $275 
Urban Survival & Defense
Enhanced Security Professionals now offers qualified and responsibly armed citizens an intense 3
day Urban Survival & Defense program. This program is a well rounded investment training regime for anyone who needs to combine defensive handgun, H2H personal defense and unarmed defense against weapons. Students are provided a solid foundation of core skills and taught the mindset to handle unexpected high threat situations on the street or when traveling.
Our course is ideal for adventurers, survivalists and corporate travelers.
--Defensive Firearm Training : Course selection/design is according to skill set.
--Fight Back! 365 : Personal Defense Training
--Unarmed Defense Against Weapons : Pistol, Carbine, Shotgun, Edged Weapons
USD    3 Days    $500
Defensive Shotgun - Home & Personal Defense
The standard shotgun is [The Most] effective yet most underutilized close quarter battle (CQB), self-defense firearm inside your home today.  It is a solid and sound choice for personal and home defense.  Pump Action or Semi-Auto, the course will cover many aspects such as;  one handed pump drills, shooting positions, ammunition loads, shotgun types and movement strategies.  Our course will provide the student with a complete understanding concerning the use of the shotgun in the defensive mode.  
Sporting use of the shotgun will not be addressed. 
DS    $250
Enhanced Security Professionals Staff and Instructors are composed of former Veterans, military elite, government agency personnel, select law enforcement and certified qualified citizens.  Our extensive operational experience enables our company to design cutting edge training programs that are always evolving to deliver proven strategies and tactics and meet a changing global environment . The leading directory of businesses owned by veterans and service disabled veterans. Help support our military veterans by proudly searching for products and services that are all made by, sold by or serviced by United States military Veterans!