Domestic Violence Instructor Certification
Domestic Violence victims in the U.S., call the National DV Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or TTY 1-800-787-3224.             Domestic Violence in the U.S. Military : Department of Defense Family Advocacy Program 703-602-4990 DSN: 332-4990

ESP's Domestic Violence Instructor Certification course is modeled after various agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense (DV) training programs.  Our DVIC program provides new and effective seminar options for senior corporate management, safety officers and business leaders tasked with delivering domestic violence and/or workplace violence related subject matter to the corporate workplace. The certification program teaches a distinct instructional methodology, which is scenario based and has a major role player component.  This becomes a new and effective tool for providing seminars or classes concerning the issues of physical violence, harassment and psychological intimidation. Additionally, this course introduces personal defense concepts and immediate actions necessary during a confrontation or during an individual need to escape.  Our certification program is NOT set up only as a classroom seminar or academic lecture.  Our DVIC program has been provided to many advocacy groups, educational institutions, corporations and agencies as a new tool to create a proactive approach to domestic violence and/or workplace violence training.  This certification program enables newly certified Instructors to provide proactive (DV) training across many industry spectrums - not just after the fact of physical abuse. It will develop more effective beginning Instructors new to this field and also provide a new approach for experienced Instructors ("train the trainer style") currently working in the subject matter of domestic violence and/or workplace violence.

Candidates attending will also spend classroom time covering related topics such as The Dynamics of Domestic Violence, Law Enforcement Intervention and Determining the Predominant Aggressor. This course may also be beneficial to students who represent law enforcement, prosecution, victim advocacy, probation, courts and other law enforcement professionals tasked with training agencies in domestic violence prevention. Candidates who have prior training in responding to domestic violence crimes is a plus.

NOTE: Only current or former Instructors with verifiable professional and/or commercial experience related to Domestic Violence (DV) will be considered for employment opportunities. ESP may provide employment opportunities to qualified candidates who successfully complete the Instructor certification course.
Instructor Certification: $375