Domestic Violence Prevention Training | Interactive
Enhanced Security Professionals, Domestic Violence Prevention Training (DVPT),  is an ESP proprietary training program requiring interactive and role player participation by everyone who attends.  Men and women will attend as a group - not women only.   It was specifically designed for businesses and organizations of all sizes to promote better awareness, prevention and a clearer understanding of Domestic Violence and Workplace Violence.  Our interactive and role player training method provides each business and organization a [proactive] way of addressing these issues effectively with the full involvement by all who attend and not use just a dull and ineffective lecture or presentation. The program enables businesses and organizations to set up and schedule periodic training blocks for their departments as needed. Participants will learn to recognize and address the subtle red flags pertaining to the signs/symptoms of abuse, the abused and the offender.  Interactive training will address many types of Domestic and Workplace Violence scenarios along with the real and long term impact it always has on the victims and families.

Maintaining and creating a positive environment in any business or organization should be first priority. Our interactive training program creates a better understanding between individuals and can create community cohesion within your organization.  Involving and exposing your people to new focused insights, understanding and knowledge about Domestic and Workplace Violence will only foster the practice of new behavior and encourage stronger communities.

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Domestic Violence Instructor Certification | Instructor Development Program
Domestic Violence victims in the U.S., call the National DV Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or TTY 1-800-787-3224.            
Domestic Violence in the U.S. Military : Department of Defense Family Advocacy Program 703-602-4990 DSN: 332-4990
Enhanced Security Professionals, Domestic Violence Instructor Certification (DVIC-IDP) is an ESP proprietary Instructor Development Program modeled after various government programs and the Department of Defense programs/workshops on prevention, identification and awareness.  This instructor development program will enable corporate/group leaders, organizers, safety officers, management/department heads and "Trainers" to create new and effective seminar/workshop options for their target audience concerning domestic violence and workplace violence. It may be provided as a "Train the Trainer" event in order to develop a more effective instructing staff.

The program teaches student instructors a distinct teaching/presentation methodology which will enable them to deliver more effective training and workshops to their target audience. Training is scenario based and has a major role player component. Student instructors will learn how to effectively involve their target audience on issues of harassment, physical violence and psychological intimidation. Additionally, the course will introduce student instructors to personal defense concepts and immediate action training to possibly use during an unexpected confrontation or a need to escape. Our certification program is NOT set up only as a classroom seminar or academic lecture. Our Domestic Violence Instructor Certification program has been able to assist companies, agencies, educational institutions and advocacy groups internally when evaluating their current training programs and instructing staff. This instructor certification will enhance your individual capability across many industry spectrums concerning domestic violence and workplace violence. 

Candidates attending will also spend classroom time covering related topics such as The Dynamics of Domestic Violence, Law Enforcement Intervention and Determining the Predominant Aggressor. This course may also be beneficial to students who represent law enforcement, prosecution, victim advocacy, probation, courts and other law enforcement professionals tasked with training agencies in domestic violence prevention. Candidates who have prior training in responding to domestic violence crimes is a plus.
DVIC | IDP Certification    $375