Womens Defense : The First Step
Women's Personal Defense | Dont Be A Victim!
Scenario Based - Role Player Defense Training
Course Summary
All assailants expect a female to try to run away, cower, beg, plead and/or cry.  When she steps up to confront or stop an attack with ferocity and proven training it causes many problems for the attacker. Learning effective personal defense will not only help prevent assault but it will also build awareness of your surroundings, confidence and self-esteem. Its at this point you start to learn your physical and emotional boundaries.
Our scenario role player based defense training will address real street encounters which pertain specifically to women of many age groups.  Students learn how to effectively use their hands, fingers, palms, fists, feet, forearms and elbows at close quarters.   Aiming for the head, soft points, the groin, vital points as well as using their knees and feet to the body of an assailant. Our program covers different street situations such as an approaching stranger, being followed, physical assault, on the ground struggle, at your vehicle and home invasion. Students are more informed about situational awareness techniques, psychology of an attack, threat avoidance and taught everyday improvised defense options when necessary.  Course Certification is Provided.

Myth: It won’t happen to me.
Fact: This is a completely unrealistic attitude and very irresponsible. You are the last line of defense for your own life. If it wont happen to you, then why do you even lock your doors? Why would you not have some type of personal defense training instead of "hoping" someone comes to your assistance? Anyone can be a victim! You must have better awareness and practice this awareness. Readiness starts with real scenario based training and an understanding of your surroundings.

Myth: I’m too busy. I don’t have time.
Fact: Another excuse! You sound like your being sold something you wont ever need. You have Fire Insurance on your home dont you? Learning effective personal defense and the proper reaction to personal assault or home invasion should be an investment for your LIFE. ESP training does not take weeks, months and years to learn. It does require a commitment to yourself. What is your LIFE worth to you? Once again, are you really going to pass the buck for someone to come to your assistance? Remember that the next time you are in an elevator alone, at home alone, in the parking lot alone or traveling alone. I'm sure you are aware of how often people put themselves at risk for total strangers or come to the aid of strangers!
Do you really want to be a statistic?

Myth: I have a pepper spray or a gun. I can use this.
Fact: Have you ever shot anyone before? Do you practice shooting often? If so, are you so quick that you can pull your firearm or pepper spray out in time for any situation? Guess your finger is always on the trigger....right?

Myth: I’m not a fighter.
Fact: The reality is that when it does happen you, you WILL do whatever it takes to survive. You WILL fight back somehow. Question is - will what you know save your life?

WPD    1.5 hrs    $95.00


NRA - Refuse To Be A Victim®
ESP is offering our new defense course which is for both men and women!  The information covered is appropriate for young adults to senior citizens. Experts agree that the single most important step toward ensuring your personal safety is making the decision to refuse to be a victim. That means that you must have an overall personal safety strategy in place before you need it!!

Our four-hour RTBAV/ NRA-certified course is classroom based. It is not a firearms or shooting class. All materials are included. Fees cover instructor time, and all materials distributed to seminar attendees, such as the Refuse To Be A Victim® Student’s Handbook.

This program was originally developed in 1993 as an introduction to personal safety and crime prevention. This course is a crime-prevention seminar presenting a variety of tips, strategies and techniques to help individuals take a proactive role in personal safety.

Topics covered at the seminar:
Home Security, Personal Security, Automobile Security, Workplace Security, Technological Security
ESP's Refuse To Be A Victim® seminars may be conducted for private corporations, businesses, and other groups and clubs. The flexible, comprehensive curriculum can be custom-tailored to fit your group’s needs.
NRA-RVC    $50.00
Domestic Violence victims in the U.S., call the National DV Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or TTY 1-800-787-3224.

Victims of Domestic Violence in the U.S. Military : Department of Defense Family Advocacy Program 703-602-4990  DSN: 332-4990