Womens Defense : Your First Step
Women's Personal Defense | Solid Foundation
Scenario & Role Player Based - Personal Defense Training
When confronted with Violence -  fair play and a fair fight do not exist!
All assailants expect a female to try to run away, cower, beg, plead and/or cry.  When she steps up to confront or stop an attack with ferocity and proven training it causes many problems for the attacker. Learning effective personal defense will not only help prevent assault but it will also build awareness of your surroundings, confidence and self-esteem. Its at this point you start to learn your physical and emotional boundaries.
Course Summary
This scenario & role player based personal defense training course will address real street encounters which pertain specifically to women of many age groups.  Students learn how to effectively use their hands, fingers, palms, fists, feet, forearms and elbows at close quarters.   Aiming for the head/neck, soft points, the groin, vital points as well as using their knees and feet to the body of an assailant. Our program covers different street situations such as an approaching stranger, being followed, physical assault, on the ground struggle, attack at your vehicle and rapid home invasion. Students are more informed about situational awareness techniques, psychology of an attack, threat avoidance and taught everyday improvised weapon defense options.  Course Certification Provided.

Myth: It won’t happen to me.
Fact: This is a completely unrealistic attitude and very irresponsible. You are the last line of defense for your own life. If it won’t happen to you, then why do you even lock your doors? Why would you not have some type of personal defense training instead of "hoping" someone comes to your assistance? Anyone can be a victim! You must have better awareness and practice this awareness in your everyday life. Readiness starts with real scenario based training and an understanding of your surroundings.

Myth: I’m not a fighter.
Fact: The reality is that when it does happen to you - you WILL do whatever it takes to survive! You WILL fight back somehow! Question - is what you know now going to save your life? Wouldn’t you agree that you would try to fight off someone who was strangling you or trying to abduct you into a car or assault you while trying to get into your home or once they were in your home? You would at least try to save your life in those situations if nobody was there to help-----right?
Myth:  I'm too busy.  I dont have time.
Fact:  Another Excuse!  You sound like your being sold something you wont ever need.  Learning effective personal defense and the proper reaction to personal assault or home invasion should be an investment for your LIFE.  ESP personal defense training does not take weeks, month or years to learn.  It does require a commitment to yourself.  What is your life worth to you?  Are you really going to pass the buck for someone to come to your assistance?  Are you that irresponsible?  Remember that the next time you are on an elevator alone, at home alone, in the parking lot alone or traveling alone.  I'm sure you are aware of statistically how often people put themselves at risk or in danger to come to the aid of total strangers and get involved?
Myth:  I have a  pepper spray or a gun.  I can use that - I am safe.
Fact:  Have you ever shot anyone before?  Are you quick enough to pull your pepper spray or firearm out for all situations?  What will you do if your pepper spray or firearm is taken from you or dropped during a struggle?
WPD    1.5 hrs    $95.00


Safety & Awareness
1)  DO NOT be afraid to use your VOICE if you are approached, stared down or getting the "Creep Factor". You can strongly and loudly say, "I see you" or "not interested at all" "I do not care to know you so go away" very forcefully to show you are ready and willing to cause them a problem. This assertiveness will establish your dominance and give you a stronger profile. This could be in scenarios such as: walking your dog, grocery shopping, mall, park, beach, lake, coffee house, biking, nature walks, waiting for someone or driving.  Other people may approach you with:  "you caught my interest",  "I have a question",  "say that they have something similar",  "just wanted to know",  "ask a question about something you have",  "have they met you or seen you before" and so on.  Basically, a softer Creep Factor approach.
2)  If someone tries to assault you for your wallet, purse, jewelry, bag and so on - throw it passed them so they must turn to get it and then gives you a chance to go the other way quickly.
3)  Always have your keys in your hand while its in your pocket as you approach your door - do not "fish" for your keys in your purse or bag.
4)  If you choose to carry pepper spray - practice & learn how to use it - learning "on the fly" will fail.
5)  Do not stand at the back of an elevator - it could trap you - stay near the front or near the buttons.
6)  Keep your bags consolidated as much as possible or into one big bag - it gives you a free hand.
7)  You are at a much greater physical risk while walking and talking on your smartphone. If you need to take a call or make a call - do it in a place where people meet and are present.

8)  Do not walk or run alone on the street with headphones - you are less aware and cant hear someone approaching you.

9)  Carry some sort of "weapon" on your keychain or it should have a whistle, personal alarm, flashlight or something sharp on it to use if needed.

10) After opening a door - use your shoulder or back to hold it open. Be able to look around and behind you. Try never to be "blind" directly behind you.